Training Center


New Al-Hadeed Enterprises has its own welding & Fabrication Training center (NAHTC) that meets all the international standards of training.

At this center New Al-Hadeed is conducting welding & fabrication training programs to produce international standards manpower for different countries and companies that are working as an offshore, onshore, Oil Refineries, Power houses, Pressure vessels and heat exchangers manufacturing companies.

New Al-hadeed has a specialty to prepare the manpower according to the specification of companies. In our training center we have all kind of welding and fabrication training facilities. Training programs are being supervised by highly professional and technical assistants having remarkable experience in Pakistan and abroad.

New Al-Hadeed Welding & Fabrication Training school is a place where, the young candidates come from round the Pakistan and and leave as professionals to work globally.

New Al-Hadeed is very well known as an reputed institute due to day and night efforts by their welding and fabrication experts.

New Al-Hadeed Welding department is conducting different kinds of welding like SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding), GTAW ( Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ),

GMAW ( Gas Metal Arc Welding ) & FCAW ( Flux Cored Arc welding ).These are 90 days training course at our premises, where practical & theory is taught.

ASME standard under Section IX. That makes our professionalism more reliable.