New Al-Hadeed Enterprises (NAHE) is well known due to having the variety of services at one place under a roof. Most likely New Al-Hadeed Enterprises have a specialty in providing professional / Skilled Manpower to various well known companies of the world in gulf region and Far East also.

New Al-Hadeed has the capability to provide bulk quantity of skilled persons along semi-skilled and professionally trained person, if required by any company.

New Al-Hadeed can provide, Recruitment services, Mechanical services and consultancy regarding to manpower issues.


New Al-Hadeed (NAHE) has expertise to produce quality manpower around the Pakistan, NAHE has a technical procedure for pre screening of skilled persons and select right person for right job that raise the quality of work of New Al-Hadeed Enterprises and establish confidence to clients. New Al-Hadeed Can provide all trades for different projects such as Mechanical, Electromechanical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Civil Constructions, Mechanical Engineering, IT professionals & individuals also, Below mentioned trades are available at for projects.
• Project Managers
• Engineers – mechanical, civil, electrical, design and instrument Technician
• Safety Engineers
• QA/QC Engineers
• IT Profession
• Accountancy
• Telecommunication
• Office Administration
• Catering & Hotel Management
• Marketing & Sales Promotion
• Operation Technicians
• NDT technicians, drilling supervisors / engineers
• Mech. Equipment Installation & Maintenance
• Electric Production, Distribution
• Sheet metal Fabricators
• Pipe Fitters
• Scaffolds
• Riggers other skilled, semi skilled and un-skilled Labors
• Masonry
• Carpentry
• Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
• Camp Management
• Any other field desired by our principals.


It’s all the blessings of Allah that NAHE been appreciated by our many client regarding to provide skilled persons that fulfilled their project needs and they built reliability in our services.

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